As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in Temecula, Murrieta and in other local real estate markets. There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

Trusted Advisor

  • “Joseph White has always been a great friend and a trusted advisor. He is extremely knowledgeable and has always been a pleasure to work with.” - Dominic Dublino, Real Estate Appraiser

Dependable and Dedicated

  • “Having been a coworker with Priscilla in the past, it was an easy choice to work with her as a first-time buyer. She is hard-working, dependable, and dedicated.”- Chris Radcliffe, 8th Grade Science Teacher

Ambition and Intelligence

  • “I have known Joseph for more than a year now. He has proven himself to be a very dedicated, ambitious and intelligent man. I am sure that whatever task he sets his mind to, he can complete without trouble.” - Mike Siciliano

Valuable and Reliable

  • “Mrs. White has proven to be very valuable, reliable and dependable. When given a task, she will take charge and ownership of end product. Mrs. White will be an asset to any organization.”-Kevin Craite, Special Education Teacher

Sincere and Punctual

  • “A sincere, punctual, dependable person. Kids love him.” - Minoru Oshima

Team Player

  • “Working with Priscilla for 10 years, I’ve come to admire her as friendly, a team player of whom I could approach with any questions. I can see success heading her way!” Raquel Sandoval, Instructional

Honest and Hardworking

  • “I’ve known Joseph for over 20 years. He’s been a great friend. He’s an honest and hardworking family man.” - Richie Boucher

Work Ethic

  • “As a former colleague, I worked closely with Priscilla and witnessed the dedication and individual care she gave to each of her students. Despite having a lot to balance, she attended to them all as if each one were her only responsibility. I am certain that her work ethic will carry over into her career as a Realtor-her clients will be lucky to have her!” Megan Borg, 7th Grade Science Teacher

Trust and Integrity Above Profits

  • “Suits and smiles mean little if the wearer is without honor. The type of person who puts truth and integrity above profits is sought after the world over. Joseph is such a man.” - Jason Moore

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